Basic unit Stark 5 + Farming Skip

The farming skip kit for Stark5 was designed to give the user both a resting surface and lots of space for the load. You can use the surface to transport crates or anything bulky either with the sides open or closed. When closed, the farming skip kit for Stark5 gives you optimal space for the load.
Equipped with hydraulic piston, the kit lets you unload the material entirely in front in no time. Furthermore, the tracks of the Stark5 let you overcome the toughest conditions as far as grip over level surfaces or for getting over uneven terrain—all this, together with the perks of a compact vehicle which allow movement in tight spaces which otherwise would be inaccessible to regular work vehicles.
Lenght - Width - Height (mm) 800-590-250
Loading height (mm)/td> 470
Hour meter Yes
Electric starting Si

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