Custom-made vehicles

The Antolini family received from the beginning very special requests from people who, due to work needs, wanted to implement some structures in order to improve their working method but, not being able to find anyone able to fulfil their requests, they found themselves forced to abandon the initiative.
Antolini Mezzi Cingolati began to think about how to manage those apparently stranger and more complex requests. This was the birth of the production of "Custom Vehicles", unique machines on the market, entirely Made in Italy, designed and developed by a team of qualified engineers, designers, and fitters with many years of experience in the field of tracked traction.
Being able to do what no other company can offer, represents one of the strengths of Antolini Mezzi Cingolati, a value that makes it unique on the market. Having a project is not enough for it to be successful, every collaborator, in continuous training, represents an indispensable resource for consulting in the design and construction of a machine that complies with European standards and respects the most diverse customer needs.