Antolini's tracked vehicles possess many strengths. That is why professionals and companies from a range of industries are choosing them more and more often.
The vehicles originate and are conceived by hearing the direct experiences of those that work in environments that are hostile or hard to access with traditional vehicles. From the very first prototypes, the vehicles have been shaped to facilitate and simplify the job.

Main strengths:

  The vehicles are developed and designed by Antolini Mezzi Cingolati and are therefore guaranteed to be exclusively Italian made;

  They are made with high-strength steels and top quality materials that have been chosen for their robustness, lifetime and ideal weight;

  Safety for the personnel that uses them;

  Simplicity and user-friendliness;

  The vehicles carry out extensive run tests before being sent to a final production line;

  Opportunity to customize the product;

  Separate consultancy with designers to create prototypes by request and special vehicles;

  Magazzino parti di ricambio;

  Control and management of the production, starting from the design to the final tests;

  Specialized assistance.

WARRANTY:  5 years on high-strength Strenx steel chassis
1 year on the electromechanical parts and motor