Tracked Dumper Stark 5

From the very first design, the Stark5 tracked dumper was conceived in an attempt to create a combination of compactness and high load capacity. Stark5 is in fact the ideal vehicle for getting around in tight, difficult spaces without having to cut down on the volume transported.
The rubber tracks specially designed for this vehicle also let you meet transportation needs over any type of terrain, while always guaranteeing optimal grip.
But what makes Stark5 a prime example to be followed in the field of tracked transporters and minidumpers is the vehicle's remarkable versatility of use due to a broad range of exchangeable kits with which you can take full advantage of the vehicle's potential. Equipped with rapid release, each kit lets you reconfigure the machine easily and in no time.

Stark5's strengths are:

  Design meant to be functional through use of long-lasting, quality materials;

  Strength and reliability;

  Adaptability to any type of load or conditions;

  Impressive performance and low management costs;

  Many different outfitting options and all-encompassing versatility.

Kits for the Stark 5 base unit:

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Technical features:

Engine Honda GX200 Petrol 196cm3
Ignition: Rope
Power (kW-HP): 4,3-5,8 @3600rpm
Fuel consumption(litres/hr): 1,7 @3600rpm
Hydraulic system:
Distributor: Mechanical lever
N. translation levers: 2
Hydraulic motor:
Max circuit pressure (bar): 80
Tensioning screws
Load (Kg): 500
Speed 1/2 (Km/hr): 2,1/-
Machine weight (Kg): 260
Operator position: On the ground
Longitudinal slope: 20°
Axle Track:
Type fixed
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