Ercules 13E

First in the world to launch the inimitable Ercules 13E on the market.

What is it about?

It is an electric-hydraulic tracked lift with 48V motor, able to work on any type of terrain or indoors without causing environmental pollution.
Absolutely noise-free, it also allows you to work inside homes, outdoors, in warehouses or anywhere else you want, while keeping the potential of the crawler drive unchanged. .
Engine Electric 48V
Power (kW-HP): 6,5
Battery type: Electric
Rated capacity to discharge in 5 hours: 174 Ah
Distributor: mechanical lever
N° translation levers 2
N° standard system levers: 3
Type: Eaton
N° speeds: 2
Track ID: 230x72x50
Tensioning: Grease
No. rollers: 4
Load (Kg): 1300
Speed 1/2(Km/h): 1,7/2,3
Machine weight (Kg) * : 1600
Operator position: On board
Longitudinal slope: 20°
Transverse slope:
Dimensions (mm): 100 x 35 x 1100
Type: FEM2
White tracks Yes
Fork sideshifter Configuration to be evaluated with technical department
Timer No
Telescopic forks (opened/closed) mm Configuration to be evaluated with technical department
Towing hook Yes
Additional hydraulic systems Configuration to be evaluated with technical department
* Note: Dimensions and machine weight depend on the requested configuration

All data are to be considered not binding and may undergo changes by the manufacturer

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