Basic unit Stark 8 + Forklift kit

The forklift kit for Stark8 is the must-have tool for those who need to lift and handle goods or to load and unload transportation vehicles.
Equipped with several hydraulic pistons, the kit allows for the same movements as a traditional forklift. In addition, the tracks with extendable carriage and high power of the motors that equip Stark8 let you overcome the toughest conditions as far as grip over level surfaces or for getting over uneven terrain—all this, together with the perks of a compact vehicle which allow movement in tight spaces which otherwise would be inaccessible to regular work vehicles.
Complete with rapid release, the system lets you configure the vehicle in a few minutes, changing to another kit to adjust to a different type of function.
Loading height(mm) 1400
Machine height (mm) 2350
Fork dimension(mm) 1000x80x30
Load capacity (kg) 400
White rubber tracks Yes
Roadway extendable Yes
Avviamento elettrico Yes
Hour meter Yes

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