With a 1,300-mm cutting width, AV50 is the top-of-the range. Complete with a 35kW motor and extendable carriage, AV50 is the perfect combination of load capacity, stability, performance and consumption.
The chopping head, specially designed to follow the ground independently of the machine is a blend of technological innovation that we offer in order to make your job easier every day. Designed to face the toughest and most extreme job conditions, the vehicles in the CUTGREEN professional line are on the cutting edge of technology for jobs in the field and forest. Equipped with an ad-hoc multi-tool chopping head and a special build and shape of the tracked structure, these vehicles are ideal for all the grass and shrub-cutting operations, in public, farm or forest areas, on steep, rough or hard-to-reach terrain, and in general all those situations where traditional vehicles can’t do the job. Lastly, in the safest and most comfortable conditions, when the operator uses an ad hoc radio control with a 100-m range he or she enjoys all the maneuverability, dynamism and power that the vehicle has to offer.

Starting system: Electric
Power (kW-HP): 41-55 @2500rpm
Fuel tank capacity (litre): 27
Fuel consumption (litre/h): 10,5 @2500rpm cont
Cleanfix: si
Height(mm): 1230
Width without flail mower (closed/open)(mm): 1300/1300
Lenght without flail mower (mm): 2130
Width with flail mower (mm): 1470
Lenght whit flail mower (mm): 3050
Weight (machine + flail mower) (kg): 1330
Gear Motor:
Displacement (cm3/giro): 500/250
N. of Speed: 2
Brake: Multi disc brake
Rubber track:
Rubber track dimension (mm): 250/72/54
Width (mm): 250
Tensioning: grease
N. rollers: 20
Type: Fixed
External dimension (closed/opened): 1300
Internal dimension (closed/opened): 800
Operator position: Not on board/radio control
Speed 1/2 (km/h): 4,0-8,0
Max lateral gradient: 55°
Weight of th machine (kg): 1330
Radio control type AUTEC
Load capacity (m): 100
Autonomy at 20°C (h): 22
Flail mower:
Cutting width(mm): 1250
Tools 24 flails/hammer
Rotary drum diameter 115
Weight (Kg) 290
High profile track Si

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