INNOVATION: OUR CREDO! 12/06/2020

    In 2018 Costruzioni Meccaniche Antolini decides to start a structural improvement project, all this starts in 2019 by enlarging the entrance yard to facilitate the movement of vehicles and increase safety. At the same time, work has begun on the construction of a congress hall and exhibition space ...

    ANTOLINI IS GREEN! 22/05/2020

    Since 2010 Costruzioni Meccaniche Antolini uses energy from renewable sources and has a 266KW photovoltaic system, with an energy absorption of 90% manages to operate independently 25% of the  production workshop and sell it to the competent bodies to allow all citizens to use it ...
  • Advantages of rubber tracks

    Advantages of rubber tracks 28/06/2016

    Rubber tracks are now standard for earthmoving and agricultural vehicles. Mechanical Construction Antolini has immediately adopted this technology, which offers countless advantages by adapting to the most varied situations and needs. The first and most important characteristic of the track, in ...