Friday 22 May 2020
Since 2010 Costruzioni Meccaniche Antolini uses energy from renewable sources and has a 266KW photovoltaic system, with an energy absorption of 90% manages to operate independently 25% of the  production workshop and sell it to the competent bodies to allow all citizens to use it.
Renewable energies are sources:
  • inexhaustible:unlike fossil fuels, human exploitation of renewable energy sources does not exhaust available stocks.
  • uncontaminated: free of pollutant emissions such as fine dust that forms smog or chemical agents  that cause acid rain.
  • without carbon dioxide: the gas considered to be primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect a nd climate change.
Through the exposure of photovoltaic panels to sunlight and after the use of an inverter, the energy is transformed into electricity to be fed into the grid. 
We, as a company, have chosen to use renewable energy sources in our daily lives, taking responsibility towards future generations, our children and grandchildren, but also towards the environment, to avoid finding ourselves on a planet much less hospitable than the one we live on now!