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Welding and quality

Saturday 01 September 2018
Welding is a process that allows the union of several metal parts permanently, realizing the continuity of the material between the parts by fusion. The welding, compared to other joining methods is widely used, by virtue of the low cost, and because it makes the most light and rigid structure. Given these advantages, it should be noted that not all materials are weldable and that the welding area is often the site of defects.
Imperfections related to operator skill and employees imperfections from metal features are aspects that require a thorough check by a specialist. This verification is essential to qualify the welding processes, and certification of welders and welding operators are of primary importance to the continuous improvement of the quality of finished products. For these reasons Costruzioni Meccaniche F.lli Antolini regularly organizes training courses and study regarding the specific problems of the weld.