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Quick release mechanism: the ability to adapt to change

Sunday 21 October 2018
To ensure the ability to adapt to any type of work, Costruzioni Meccaniche F.lli Antolini has equipped its mini-dumper of a quick release system. This mechanism enables the fast reversibility from one kit to another, allowing in a short time to reconfigure the machine and completely change the type of work. The system studied in detail to facilitate user operations, also allows you to add a kit to the mini-dumper even after it was purchased, making it usable for the new needs of the operator. Developed with the concept of maximum ergonomics and ease of use, the exchange is easily usable by anyone and immediate use. While the ability to adapt is the key to success of any kind of change, then, the means of Mechanical Engineering F.lli Antolini represent the ideal tool for anyone's success has made their goal.