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The custom process: how we proceed

Tuesday 26 June 2018
More and more often, the most varied requests from our customers, push us to study and to realize tracked machines out from the normal company standards.
Mechanical Constructions Antolini, is now becoming a well-established reality in this niche of the sector.
Thanks to an efficient data collection procedure, the Customer and the designers of the technical department are guided in the definition of the machines.
The first analyses carried out are of a dimensional and functional type, during which the parameters of dimensions and the performances that the machine must have are defined, in relation to the conditions of use to which it will be subject.
Once this information is collected, the technical department, thanks to virtual prototyping and finished element analysis software, is responsible for the design and structural analysis.
The final phase of this process takes place when the machine has been completely realized: from this moment on, the machine is tested according to a strict protocol of tests to verify the suitability of the vehicle to the functions to which it is assigned. The company policy of Mechanical Construction Antolini has always been focused on the search for customer satisfaction and acceptance of new challenges, so any machines represents for the company a new test bench to demonstrate its abilities!