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Motorized undercarriages C-30

The C30 undercarriage comes in a diesel or gasoline-powered motor version; driven by a radio control console or console with a wire, it has no. 3 plugs for auxiliary services.
Undercarriage weight: 1500 kg
Total weight of the machine: 3500 kg
Fixed roadway: 1800 mm
Hydraulic levers
Gasoline engine Honda GX690: 22.5/16.5 HP/Kw
Engine cooling: Air
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Speed max (1V): 1.5 Km/h
Tracked type: Reinforced natural rubber
Width: 300mm
Total length: 2150mm
Height: 495mm
Tensioning: grease
Optional: 2/6m wire control or radio remote control
Motore Diesel ISUZU 3 CC1 29.8/21.9 HP/Kw
Expandable roadway 1500/2000mm
Double speed 1.5/3.0 Km/h
Additional hydraulic connections
Non-marking rubber track

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