EasTract is a tracked tow truck for moving road vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tons. It combines the practical operation of a traditional tow truck with the advantages of grip and stability that tracks bring.
Equipped with radio control, this vehicle is the ideal solution for picking up a vehicle in places that traditional towing means can't reach. In fact, EasTract tracks make it possible to pick up a vehicle even on terrain where a traditional tow truck wouldn't have any grip. What's more, since the EasTract isn't very cumbersome and can be maneuvered in tight spaces it can get into and move around in any space.
EasTract encapsulates all the technology that aids vehicle movement. Thanks to avant-garde technological solutions, this one-of-a-kind tool makes it possible to move vehicles that are stuck without having to tow them. Last but not least, Eastract's small size lets you load it on tow trucks.

Engine B&S Vanguard 35 Gasoline, 993cm3
Starting system: Electric
Engine power (kW-HP): 26,11-35 @3600rpm
Height/Width/Lenght (mm): 1800/1280/3520
Rubber truck dimensions(mm): 250-72-52
Machine weight (kg): 1850
Operator position : Not on board - radio control
Load capacity (kg): 2200
Speed 1/2: 1,7/3,2
Max gradient: 17°
Winch 2,2 Line pull (kg): 2200
Radiocontrol type IMET M880:
Load capacity (m): 100
Autonomy at 20°C (h): 22
Characteristics transportable vehicle:
Max machine roadway (mm): 1800
Max machine width (mm): 3000
Max machine weight (kg) 2200
Wheel machine dimension min/max (mm) 500/750
White rubber tracks Yes
Winch 4,5 (Line pull max 4500kg) Yes
Snow blade (width 1466mm) Yes
Towing Kit (lenght 2170mm) Yes
Alternator Kit Yes

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Machine protected by patent

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