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Dumper Stark 8 version

Objective of Stark8: increase the work force and boost the business of those who use it every day, providing assistance for all kinds of work demands.
A multi-function tracked transporter, Stark8 was conceived to set a new standard in the minidumper industry. A versatile and technological tool, it aims to meet all job requirements to the fullest.
Two different carriage widths, diesel or gas-powered motors, more space for the load, configurability, management costs reduced to a minimum. Stark8 has the characteristics of a leader, simply making it the best in its category all-around.
Stark8's strengths are:
  •  impressive performance and low management costs;
  •  Option to equip the vehicle with motors fueled differently or with different powers;
  •  Base with fixed or extendable tracks to gain greater stability under any conditions and optimal weight distribution;
  •  Design meant to be functional through use of long-lasting, quality materials;
  •  Strength and reliability;
  •  Adaptability to any type of load or conditions;
  •  Many different outfitting options and all-encompassing versatility;
  •  Manually adjustable two-speed translation and foldable footboard for the operator working on the machine.
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