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CarTract 4R

Cartract is a must-have tool for moving vehicles up to 2.5 tons with a 3-m forward movement over flat surfaces of yards or garages. Cartract encapsulates technological innovation designed to allow for vehicle movement. Thanks to innovative technical solutions, this one-of-a-kind tool makes it possible to move vehicles that are stuck without having to tow them, but rather lifting them. By taking advantage of a chassis that adjusts to the vehicle's size and using the principle of movement through lifting, Cartract is suitable for vehicles that are stuck or for those who don't have much space for storage and would like to move a car without starting it or getting into it. Thanks to its electric motor, Cartract is perfect when you have to work in tight spaces and facilitates operations without requiring any effort of the operator.

Lenght (mm): 4450
Width (mm): 1880
Height (mm): 1450
Altezza pianale dal suolo (mm): 116
Peso a vuoto (Kg): 600+550
Max machine weight(kg): 2500
Passo min-max veicolo (mm): 2100-3000
Diametro ruota min-max (mm): 500-750
Max machine width (mm): 1800
Velocità senza carico (km/h): 4,5
Raggio di sterzata (m): 3
Traction Eelectric
Operator position On board
Voltage 24 V
Capacity 240 Ah
Type Electric
Power(kW): 1,7
Traction wheel diameter (mm): 250x80
Material Polyurethane
Brake Electromagnetic
Type Hydraulic levers distributors
Quantity 5
Power (kW): 2,2
Max consumption (Litre/min) 5
Max pressure system (bar): 230
Fuel tank volume Litre) 6

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