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Blade 1500C

Blade 1500C is an innovative machine perfect for manufacturing of quarry sector. It includes a disk able to cut accurately any type of material, in particular of marble and granite. Equipped with a tracked structure, is ideal to every type of land in a dynamic and safe way.

Type of workable material: Marble, stone
Operating weight: 1.67 ton
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 2580x1500x1800 mm
Working speed: from 0.2 to 20 mt/min
Transfer speed: 3.5 km/h
Maximum slope: 30%
Maximum diameter diamond blade: 1500 mm
Useful cut: 600 mm
Electric diamond blade motor
- Power:
- Voltage/frequency:
- Rotation turns:
- Indirect belt transmission:
Diamond blade water feed
- Consumption:
- Attack size:

60/45 HP/KW
400V 50Hz
980 RPM

60 l/min
Roadway: Fixed
Commands: Lever hydraulics
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Track size: 250x72x43 mm
Tensioning: grease
Steel rollers: N°4 per side
Optional: Cover roof (included)

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